Do Satanists sacrifice animals?

No, although the Judeo-Christian tradition is steeped in it. Polaris, a noted researcher, has this to say;

Any reading of the so-called Old Testament, or the Torah of the Jews will show a highly developed cult of not only animal but also of human sacrifice. The ancient Hebrews did not share in a convivial meal with their god or gods, but rather they offered the animal completely to him. Not only is this attested in the Old Testament, but rules and regulations concerning its practice make up whole parts of the books of Leviticus and Numbers. These books are veritable charnel houses with instructions to make burnt offerings of massive numbers of animals of various kinds. Yahweh must have grown very fat from the glut of burnt flesh the Temple priests sent his way in those years.

Although the Jews must have given up the regular practice of human sacrifice at some time, their holy books still have some references to it. The most famous case is the little practical joke Yahweh played on Abraham -- where he tells Abraham to sacrifice his only son, Isaac, but stops him at the last minute (Genesis 22). Now this is actually a representation of the fairly common Semitic practice of the "sacrifice of the first fruit" which was at one time extended even to human offspring. But not to leave the girls out: There is also the story of Jephthah (Judges 11) who vowed to offer as a burnt offering to God "whatsoever cometh forth of the doors of (his) house to meet (him)," if God would grant him victory in the war against the "sons of Ammon." Well, after his victory, the first thing that came out of his house to meet him was his only daughter "with timbrels and dances." It seems Jephthah was a better general than he was a logician -- what did he think would be coming out of his house a goat? Anyway, Jephthah made good on his vow to sacrifice his only, and still virgin daughter.

These references may be thought to be only isolated cased used to spice up the Biblical narrative. But such is not really the case. It is well known that all of the Semitic peoples practiced human sacrifice of the first fruit of the womb at one time or another. The Hebrews included. It is still customary to have to "buy back" the first born son from God. This is still done in a ceremony called the pidyon ha-ben-- "redemption of the first-son." This originally referred to a human sacrifice, but was later changed to dedicating the son to "temple service." Now the kid can be bought back with a few shekels paid to the kohen!

It was also an ancient Semitic belief that sin could be atoned for through the shedding of blood. Thus animal sacrifice was used to "purify" one self of sin. This is the essential liturgical drama at the root of the myth of the Jesus crucifixion as seen from a Judaic perspective.

Let us take a realistic and revealing look at our present day attitudes regarding sacrifice:

Farmer Brown runs a poultry farm in New England. Every Thanksgiving (a national holiday), family members from far and wide come to visit, give thanks and enjoy the traditional dinner. The morning the guests are about to arrive, Farmer Brown grabs the largest turkey he can find and chops off its head with an axe, then prepares the bird for his guests. When the guests arrive, they all sit down, say a prayer, "Bless this, Thy bounty which we are about to receive."

Now the scene I just described is fairly common. Could this be ritual sacrifice? Of course, the religious zealot will rant, "Ritual sacrifice occurs during or prior to the act of killing!" So, let's clarify; If Farmer Brown bowed his head and said a little prayer to sweet Jesus before he chopped the turkey's head off, that would be a ritual sacrifice and therefore, a crime against god and nature. Brown should wait until he is about to eat the roasted carcass, standing as head (priest) of the household, before a long table (altar), saying a glorious prayer before the entire family (congregation).

This "ritual sacrifice" argument is bogus, purely in the eye of the beholder. If a rabbi performs a kosher killing at the local slaughterhouse, it's called "Passover." If a Christian Santeria priest cuts of the head off a chicken, it is called "murder." These contradictions were brought before the U.S. Supreme Court and the Santeria practitioners won! It is legal for them to practice their religion in the United States.

We do not promote or practice the ritual slaughter of animals, but we will defend unto death the right of orthodox Jews, Christians, Santerians, etc., to continue this practice unabated, as long as the slaughter is humane and the flesh properly cooked and eaten. It makes no difference whether you say your prayer before the animal is slaughtered or at the dinner table, after the animal is cooked. It's time pagans quit riding the wave of a make-believe guilt trip invented by gullible evangelical Christians! (The only opposing argument I care to listen to is the sincerity of a non-hypocritical vegetarian.) Satanists cherish the free will of all living creatures. Like any animal, we kill for practical reasons: food or survival (clothing, self-defense). The Satanic magician is more likely to incorporate a few drops of his own blood for use in a ritual, rather than the blood of a creature that's innocent or unwilling.

So, what's this ritual sacrifice nonsense really about? It's about religious persecution - a fake argument to punish those religions you disagree with. We have at least learned this from the Satanic Panic of the 1980s.

When reverence for nature is absent, self-respect is diminished. Perception impacts behavior and vice-versa. When an adolescent boy "thrill kills" the neighborhood dog or cat for the sake of cruelty toward the pet or its owner, this is not natural aggression because animals do not "thrill kill" other animals. It is a common symptom seen in the behavior of those later convicted of murder and abuse. When kids look for a defenseless animal to torture, it is because they feel tortured themselves, so they seek a comparable scapegoat. Satanists refuse to protect those who would use their religion to showcase aberrant behavior.

If your child is mentally disturbed, get help. Blaming the devil is not going to solve your problem. If any person kills a living thing and it is not a part of a religious situation (such as Santeria) please get the facts. Tolerance is good. To not do something when there may be animals, children and others in danger from a nut (of any religious persuasion) is irresponsible.