The First Church of Satan Cavern

1. We are no longer a public entity. Experience has proven that our members benefit more when our activities are kept secret.

2. Membership in the First Church of Satan is by INVITATION ONLY. Offers of money, power and prestige will not buy your way into our Circle of Trust.

3. Our assembly consists of men and women representing the upper echelons of society: professors, politicians, lawyers, doctors, entertainers, etc.

4. We are in no way affiliated or connected with the organization at "Church of Satan dot com." The cause for our concern is delineated in the Church of Satan Rap Sheet.

5. For those who desire dark fellowship with like-minded individuals, we suggest you visit the Allee Shadow Tradition web site or join our chat list. Candidates for our Cavern are carefully selected from those ASTra members who qualify.

Yours On Wings of Leather,

John D. Allee - see MySpace

Daemon of the Age of Lucifer