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Who the hell is Satan?
Do you worship evil?
Are God and the Devil enemies?
Do you believe in hell?
Is Satanism a religion or philosophy?
Is Satan a destructive force?
Why don't you convert to Christianity or Islam?
Do Satanists use drugs?
Can you define Left Hand Path?
Can you define Right Hand Path?
Which path is the correct one to choose: RHP or LHP?
Is Satan a compassionate being?
Don't you fear Demon Possession?
Do Satanists sacrifice animals?
Do Satanists use protective circles?
Can Satan exist without Christianity?
Are Satan and Lucifer the same?
Who were the Nephilim?
What are the rules of Satanism?
Why do you curse people?
Do Satanists molest children?
Why perform the Black Mass?
Won't the Devil steal your soul when you die?